Want to Join us as a Software Developer?

We built our company around the best way to develop software. Maybe a fitting place for you too?

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This is What you get

  • Autonomy. Lots of it. No managers around.
  • A company built from scratch for SW-development.
  • Top-notch teammates. We restrict ourselves to only a few new hires per year. Means we need to be selective.
  • Equipment of your choice. Buy what you work best on.
  • Salary: 80,000 Euro per year.

This is for you if…

  • You’d like to have more freedom and autonomy when developing stuff. We trust you to find and implement the best solution.
  • You’d like to work with top-notch people that help each other out.
  • You’d like to work on stuff end-to-end—instead of developing a small part of a giant system.
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This is not for you if…

  • You are used to someone else fixing your stuff if you don’t do it. Not going to happen here. Your code—your call. You build it, care for it and fix it.
  • You expect hand-holding. There is no SCRUM master, no leader, no testing engineer, no sys-admin telling you what needs to be done. It’s your decision and your responsibility.
  • You don’t like the idea of working for the real-money gaming industry (gambling). We respect that. You will find a great job elsewhere.

You Will be a Good fit if…

  • You like open-source.
  • You have rock-solid development skills. This is not for amateurs.
  • You want to code (no management career to be made here).
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